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Modern Web Design and Development

Plenty of sites are now built using content management systems, or CMS. Often used CMS systems include WordPress, Drupal & Joomla. These systems provide web developers with a basic set of code & files to quickly generate an empty web-site that can then be personalized. One time a CMS is installed, developers can quickly add themes to change the appearance of the site & plugins & applications to add additional functionalities. Out of all of the CMS systems, WordPress is of the most popular as it is simple to implement, fills most websites' needs & has a large user community that contributes code & help for other users.

Web development & design has come a long way from coding simple HTML pages & linking them to generate an online site. Now, sites are designed to load faster, look nicer, fit mobile devices, & do more. The code has evolved as web developers needed more complicated functions.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a key coding tool for plenty of Web developers. While the program has been in use for years, it's grown & changed over the years to permit developers a high-tech way to code & view the results live as they work.

Beyond the basic HTML & CSS files, more sites are now coded in PHP & other dynamic coding languages that can generate & serve up HTML pages as a user lots the page. This enables for more customization for visitors & a greater range of tools to be used on a site. For example, using PHP, a site can detect which country a visitor is located in & serve up a different version of the Web page that they are accessing in the visitor's native language.

SEO, or search engine optimization, techniques are also an important part of Web development, now with Google adjusting its search algorithms to promote better content for users. Fast loading sites, with proper meta tag & keyword optimization & tidy code are the key in modern development.

Web development for mobile devices is even more important now that everybody has smartphones & tablets. Making a site with a responsive design improves the user experience, & can make a large difference in whether users stay on a site or visit it again. web development  

Generating an online site using modern tools & techniques can help to make sure that the site lots & behaves properly, looks aesthetically pleasing, & is simpler to build.

Modern Web developers also keep in mind how important social networks can be in influencing a site's popularity. Adding a way for social media users to "Like" or "Follow" the site can help expose the net site to potential readers, so this is a piece of web development that should not be skipped.

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The Best Sports Betting Sites Offer More Than Odds

What's the Best Site for Sports Betting?

There's a few sites that keep coming up on everyone's list of the best sports betting sites on the Net. Bodog, Betmaker, The Greek and Pinnacle are sportsbooks that are tops amongst sports bettors and reviewers similar. What does each sports betting site offer, making it of the best? What have they got in common?

o Each site's primary focus is sports betting. They are dedicated to it and that means they require to do everything they can to get and keep your business. It is true that each site offers casino games and poker; still, each of these sites excels and is best at sports betting.

Below are a quantity of the shared characteristics that help qualify each site as of the best for online sports betting:

o All of these online sportsbooks are noted for superior 24/7 customer support.

o They offer odds on all major U.S. sports and on other sports that are popular in other parts of the world, including cricket and soccer.

o The sites have numerous ways to method your funds, fast sign-ups and solid bonus offers on deposits.

o These sports betting sites offer all of the common types of bets, such as moneyline, point spreads and over/unders.

o Each of the sites provides free information on betting and/or sports news.

o All of these sportsbooks have a track record of at least nine years.

Are you able to go wrong with any of these sites? It is hard to think that you would. Still, there's some other things to think about when determining which sports betting site is best for you.

Sites that are trying to be inventive by offering new types of wagering opportunities ought to always be examined carefully. The fact is all of the sports betting sites above continue to create innovative betting opportunities, either by adding a new twist to standard types of wagers, generating new exotics or providing a new customer support feature. The best sports betting sites are always trying to enhance their catalogue of sports. Look for a site that has a new take on betting that may benefit you.

 feature that is bound to improve a bettor's betting life is actually a weakness in a sportsbook-their odds making. Sites that over a large number of events usually have a weak spot or, in the lesser bet sports. It would be hard to discover a sports betting site that is not current on footy or basketball since so lots of people bet on these sports. But hockey, baseball, boxing, golf, tennis and NASCAR odds can vary a lot from site to site. Shop around and you may find some great odds that are hard to turn down.

Bodog, Bookmaker, The Greek and PlayersOnly are all leaders in Web sports betting, providing a quantity of the best service, widest range of betting opportunities and finest security. Still, bettors ought to shop around; look for other sites that have a quantity of the same great qualities but that may offer something different or better. Don't fall in to the laps of the giant guys. Checking out their competition will help keep them honest, prodding them to continue to work hard to attract your hard-earned funds.

Internet Web Site Design

When it comes to net web-site design it is important that you pick the right person to design your site. Taking your business online is like opening a used store for the first time. The more you put in to it the more you will get out of it. Your web-site is everything when it comes to the net. If it doesn't look professional you are losing business from the beginning. People require to be able to trust and depend on you and your business or whatever it may be. Seeing bad web design is a turn off for all customers. Nice web design is a key part of beginning off on the net.

 of the critical things you require to pay attention to is your net web-site design, that of the front page. This is of the most compelling factors that affect user's decision to navigate your site or not.

Usually, net web-site design promotion services such as custom web design, e commerce web design, banner and logo design, and special graphic design are part of a complete web development package.

There's lots of steps involved in case you require to design a proper web-site. In case you require to have an ideal web-site which suits your purpose, you require to be cautious about its design. To start with, you require to know the target market exactly. You require to know the needs of your business online. The use of web-site if clear to the world wide web designer, there's better chances of designing an effective web-site. Taking all these steps will help you in designing a web-site which will be helpful in expanding your business. These keys can guide you towards a successful web design.

Web-site design can be done in either way you will require to choose which way you require to proceed asks your web designer which sort of web page design would be better suited for your web-site design. Choosing a web-site designer is a important decision, as a nice net site can bring you more business as well as a bad can turn customers away. Not only will they do web design, but they may even offer something a bit more suiting, like domain name registration, net site hosting, and web promotion. To cover all the bases you ought to find an affordable web-site design service that has been in business for a lot of time, that can offer you references and that offers estimates on the design that you are seeking.

Interior Design London UK

Whatever your enthusiasm toward inside outline, London is prone to have what you are searching for. Possibly you are looking for spark and creative tips on inner part plan for your home or you are an inside creator and need to advance your work, or maybe you need to contract the administrations of an expert originator or even study inner part outline yourself, regardless of what your need is, there is no preferable spot to fulfill it over from the configuration capital of the UK itself, London.

Going by Exhibitions in London

London has various energizing shows consistently, some of which concentrate on a particular territory of inside configuration and others that are more extensive in their methodology. Presentations fill a lot of people needs, they can showcase new ability and new thoughts from exceptional inside originators frequently nearby the work of officially entrenched and exceptionally looked for after planners in the business, they highlight the most recent molds and patterns, start new innovative methods for considering, give chances to system and expand business deals and obviously they offer the opportunity to view the work of a portion of the best inner part architects on the planet.

The accompanying rundown speaks to only three Interior Design Exhibitions that routinely occur in London:

o 100 Percent Design - Exhibition typically happens in September in excess of 3 days and is interested in the overall population on one of those days. More data can be found at

o Decorex - This show likewise happens every September except is just for exchange and experts in the inner part plan industry. Points of interest of the following display can be found at

o New Designers Exhibition - opens to people in general and shows the work of a huge number of new and best in class architects each July. You can discover more data from

There are obviously numerous different shows occurring during the time and a rundown of them can be seen on The British Interior Design Association site at

Procuring an expert Interior Designer

Huge numbers of us might want to change our own particular home and despite the fact that we may begin with extraordinary thoughts and plans, very much a couple of us never really get around to making a move. Enlisting an expert inner part architect is restricted of accomplishing it and on the off chance that you don't have somebody as a primary concern officially; one spot to begin looking is The British Interior Design Association. The BDA keep a rundown on their site of inner part creators who are either enlisted parts or related parts.

Enlisted parts are the most qualified and have the most experience as so as to get enrolled they need to fulfill the Association's strict criteria. An Associate part needs to have been working in the business for a year and will have passed the affiliation's meeting procedure for participation. You can hunt down an inside planner at

An alternate choice is The Interior Design Handbook site at, where you can look a rundown of potential planners by area and in addition claim to fame. You will likewise have the capacity to view their profiles on the web.

Examining Interior outline in London

London offers many courses on different parts of inside configuration beginning from the most fundamental directly through to graduate degrees and past along these lines discovering the right one can would appear that an overwhelming undertaking however it needn't be whether you know where to look.

A little example of inside configuration schools in London include:

o The KLC school of Design

o The AIU School of Interior Design

o The Interior Design School

You could likewise have a go at looking for different courses at, which is the authority manual for all the diverse grown-up training courses on offer all through London. UCAS will likewise have the capacity to furnish you with complete data on diverse college classes that are inner part outline related and what schools and colleges are putting forth these courses.

Why London for Interior Design?

London pulls in an abundance of ability and innovative thinking inside the inner part outline Industry and is a critical springboard for dispatching the exceptionally most recent outlines from a percentage of the best inner part creators on the planet. London additionally gives unlimited chances to best in class inside fashioners to showcase and advance their work and can be a wellspring of impulse for anybody intrigued by inner part plan at any level.

David Mcevoy is a master in inner part plan. On the off chance that you are searching for a cowhide couch []to give the completing touches to a recently adorned room then please come and visit our site.

Win on FIFA World Cup Online Betting

With hundreds of sports betting sites on the web nowadays, plenty of World Cup fanatics are also having fun betting on the FIFA World Cup 2010 Odds. In case you need to get in to the action yourself & increase your chances of winning in the World Cup 2010 betting online, you need to make definite to pick the best online sports betting sites that are known for their reputation, additional bonuses & site security.

Online sports betting sites give you the benefit of betting in a matter of minutes anytime of the day. In case you ever beat the odds & win, you may even transfer your winnings right to your bank account, right in the comfort of your home. There's more advantages that online sports betting offer & the best online sports betting sites usually have offline corporations behind them which guarantee speedy & reliable payment of winnings & bonuses.

Your best bet in finding the best online sports betting sites is by reviewing reliable reviews given out by online casinos which can also give you the latest FIFA World Cup 2010 odds. site that gives you updated information on World Cup 2010 is, which also features the odds of popular teams winning. You can right away place your bets on the team you feel is most likely to win the game.

Making online sports betting sites work for you takes a tiny little bit of caution & luck. For thing, there's always risks that come with any online betting & you may overlook these risks in your hope of winning the jackpot. You need to set a betting budget for the World Cup 2010 betting online & do not go over that limit. Some people have been known to put immense wagers for their favourite sports teams, to the point when they no longer have buffers in case they lose their bets. You need to put a max on your bets & cease the minute your bank roll is nearing its limit.

The excitement continues as millions of World Cup 2010 fanatics continue to watch the games, & predict the odds. Others are banking on the frenzy & positioning themselves for higher winnings in online sports betting sites. With some wild guesses, some fortunes are made, but there's also some dreams broken. There's plenty of opportunities for making some speedy bucks from the best online sports sites. Do not let these opportunities pass you by. Log onto these betting sites now & check out the promotions & bonuses that they are giving. You can place your bets 24/7, make definite that you have the updated information on the teams playing.

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Using Ajax for Web Application Development: What Businesses Need to Know

Of late, you may have been listening to more about Ajax and started to consider how it could be advantageous to your business' web application improvement ventures. To begin with, it is vital to begin with an understanding of this kind of web programming. While the idea is not new - it has existed since 1998 - the term did not start to exist until February 2005, when Jesse James Garrett begat it as an approach to abbreviate the consolidation of three innovations that he was going to be utilizing for web application improvement: Asynchronous Javascript and XML. This late expressing may part of the way clarify why Ajax programming has gotten to be such a hot idea for organizations to investigate.

Today, Ajax is constantly utilized as a part of web application advancement by numerous significant players on the web, including Google, which spearheaded its utilization in a standard way with its Google Maps administration, and also numerous online email frameworks. This is as an immediate aftereffect of the redesigning of machine engineering all in all - today's normal machine client has a speedier system association, a quicker machine, and a more elevated amount of machine learning than those that utilized machines ten years back, opening the entryway for more perplexing innovations to be utilized by a more extensive exhibit of sites. Then again, web programming utilizing Ajax is redundant for a website to be effective; destinations, for example, Amazon and ebay, which are unmistakably doing admirably in the business stadium, are either not utilizing this type of web programming at all or are utilizing it sparingly.

Still, web programming with Ajax has immediately been joined into web application improvement as another style.

The Basics of Web Programming with Ajax

At its center, Ajax web programming empowers a web application improvement group to make a website that permits clients to perform certain capacities without the requirement for redrawing or reloading a whole screen. Case in point, Google Maps permits clients to span through a guide flawlessly - a strategy so progressive that it was later embraced by other guide destinations, for example, Mapquest and Yahoo Maps. Online Email projects utilizing Ajax web programming permit clients to open a message without reloading their whole interface. Destinations that permit voting or rating, for example, Netflix and Youtube, let clients click on a show of stars to rate a film or feature while never leaving the beginning screen. Also actually shopping locales, for example, use Ajax programming to give clients the feel of a genuine virtual shopping truck - clients place things into their truck without leaving the item page.

Furthermore, web programming with Ajax can be utilized to make what are known as "mashups" - circumstances where content from two distinctive web applications can be joined into a third, recently helpful application. Case in point, the loft postings from Craigslist were crossed with Google Maps to make a site that permits clients to see condo areas on the guide.

Profits of Using Ajax for Web Application Development

Web programming with Ajax offers a business a few key advantages in its web application improvement. It offers site designers an additional level of advancement that can make a site simpler to use for all guests. At the point when actualized accurately, Ajax will likewise give clients the inclination that a web application is more responsive than a customary site. It can likewise permit a business to provide for its site new usefulness and new administrations to be utilized by accomplices or customers. At last, it basically can offer equality to a business. Contenders might as of now be utilizing Ajax on their locales, and it might be in a business' best enthusiasm to have its web application advancement group execute Ajax all alone webpage too. Clients might likewise be requesting the new administrations on the off chance that they have seen them on other contender locales.

Provisos for Businesses Considering Ajax Programming

Then again, there are numerous things to be watchful of when executing web programming with Ajax also. While it does would appear that the most recent thing, a business ought not go over the edge in its utilization amid web application improvement. Fundamentally, this sort of web programming can make a website more troublesome for guests to utilize. The web is busy's center an exceptionally easy to use framework, yet Ajax can present new practices that individuals may not be prepared for or may be befuddled by. This can result in guests to leave your site rapidly, without really performing the errands, making the buys, or perusing the data that you had given. Ajax programing can likewise make an assembly of different issues with which organizations ought to be concerned.

To begin with, and rather just, utilizing Ajax web programming can result in the back catch to act uniquely in contrast to a guest may anticipate. The bookmark capacity might likewise not act as it does on all the more generally modified destinations. There are routes around these issues that can be executed amid web application improvement, however the fixes oblige a bit of additional time and aptitude when including the extra code.

Ajax programming can likewise meddle with website improvement exertions. Web search tools won't see content that may be stowed away until uncovered by a client's activities. On the off chance that a business needs to join Ajax with SEO, its web application improvement group will must be mindful so as to verify that any enhanced substance is dependably quickly unmistakable, and that concealed substance is not basic to the achievement of a SEO battle.

Critically, Ajax can open up a webserver to have an expanded assault surface. This type of web programming shockingly gives a programmer a larger number of approaches to get into the server than there were in the recent past. The answer for this is to verify that the web application improvement group is more vigilant about security and testing, and to always keep watch on the movement happening on the webpage. Moreover, since diverse programs read Ajax in an unexpected way, the web application improvement group will likewise need to do extra testing for availability.


The issues with Ajax are noticeably generally known. Presently the basic issue is the means by which this

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The Three Day Potty Training

The 3 day potty training or Intensive toilet training methods have become increasingly popular due to the demands of modern living and parent's time. Often, parents have to "schedule" time to take care of teaching this essential skill to their toddler. The benefits of using an intensive method far outweigh the drawbacks in trying to "let it take care of itself" and responsible parenthood requires taking the time.

I used Carol Cline's 3 day potty training method and found it simple to understand, implement and very useful. It was a successful method for us and I wrote the following article as a guide for parents who are considering using this method. It is simply a quick overview of what the book covers, chapter by chapter, so you can have an idea of what kind of content is in the book before you buy.

The book describes how to potty train in 3 days. It is 136 pages long and can easily be read in a few hours. I would imagine that the book is engagingly read by all parents about to embark on toilet training toddlers. However, Carol Cline intersperses the methodology with an historical overview of the process and general advice, gained from experience, of what to expect from your toddler during this time and also what you may experience yourself.

Chapter 1: The first chapter debunks the modern myth that children can toilet train themselves and that the later parents leave it to toilet train their children, the easier it will be. Children are potty trained later in the USA and Canada than in most of the world. She promotes a potty training method that is child centred and caring; but one that is also consistent and achieves results. Her belief is that potty training is a mutual achievement between the child and the parent and will deepen the relationship between them. This premise is carried throughout the book.

Chapter 2: This chapter sets out what is the best age to start potty training and includes guidelines for potty training toddlers aged between 18-24 months old with specific advice for parents who are trying to potty train older children.

Chapter 3: The key to successful potty training is knowing when your child is ready. This chapter goes into detail on the potty training readiness signs so you will know when the best time to start potty training your child is.

Chapter 4: Believe it or not, you need to prepare yourself first and then prepare your child. This chapter takes you through the necessity of relaxing through the process, how to handle your own expectations, what you should expect using the method, what to do and what not to do.

Chapter 5: This chapter takes you from your own expectations and the "adult mind" into the mind of your child so you can prepare them for their journey ahead. It explains the sequence of how children learn which helps you know what's going on. It also details what you can do beforehand to make the learning process easier e.g. taking "no-pressure" potty breaks before you actually start training so your child starts to become familiar with the process.

Chapter 6 and 7: These chapters take you step-by-step through what you need to have done before you start your "potty training in 3 days method" from clearing your schedule to the best foods to buy at the supermarket.

Chapter 8: This is the heart of the book. The pre-potty training "work" in the preceding chapters is not onerous and if the advice in them is followed, you will have done a lot of preparation that will reap rewards on your potty training days. The method is not set in stone but can be adapted to suit your family situation and needs. However, it does emphasise the need to be persistent, consistent, patient, loving and staying positive. It is a method that works with your child and treats them kindly throughout the process. It is a child centered approach that refocuses the adult mind into thinking of the world of a child. One of the best things about this method is that Carol Cline describes a very simple tool to encourage your toddler to use the potty that avoids the perennial "no".

The chapter also includes advice about night time potty training and observations and insights from other parents who have used the method. I found the chapter very, very useful - not least because of the methodology itself. It walks you through what you should expect, how you may feel, what to do if it goes badly and even what to do if it goes well!

Chapter 9: This chapter is a surprise inclusion. For those of us who are a little "rusty" on biology 101, this is the chapter to read! It is a basic biology lesson on our bodily functions. It then gives advice and guidance on how to ensure children adopt a healthy urination and bowel movement pattern.

Chapter 10: This is the chapter where Carol Cline leads you past thinking in terms of just potty training at home. It details how to approach potty training with your child's entire development and social situation in mind. As such it extends to teaching your child how to wipe their bum (with a novel system that won't block your plumbing with toilet paper) and how to wash their hands. At the end of the chapter, you won't be thinking about your child as a potty training toddler but as a "big kid" able to handle himself at kindergarten and pre-school.

Chapter 11: If you are about to start potty training a boy, a girl or twins this chapter will prove invaluable. It dismisses some of the myths and re-inforces the belief that every child is an individual. It deals with some typical obstacles and how to get past them in a positive way. If potty training has not worked for you in the past, or if you have a particularly stubborn child, then Carol Cline provides some very good adaptations to the method to cope with this situation. From the child's perspective, Carol Cline again puts you in their shoes and deals with some common fears your child may have and how to deal with them. I found the part on incentives and rewards particularly useful and it is something that I have put into practice in other areas of my parenting.

Chapter 12: Parents of children with Autism, Asperger's and Down Syndrome face particular challenges in trying to potty train. The chapter deals with these issues and covers area such as language issues, sensory problems, the stress of learning a new skill and visual aids to potty training. It also includes some observations and advice from parents who have been through and are going through a similar situation.

Chapter 13: This covers in a little more detail the "bumps in the road" and how to respond to them in a positive way.

Chapter 14: It may be that you feel that your child may have a medical problem and this chapter points you in the right direction on how to recognise it and what to do about it.

Chapter 15: "Out in the world" is the title of this chapter and this is where you will spend most of your time with your potty training toddler! It covers everything from going to the mall and on long haul flights; what to bring and suggestions for how to explain to your toddler about "special situations". Like any parent, I found planning trips and outings more stressful than I would like in the beginning and Carol Cline puts it into perspective so you can emerge from a trip to the mall having enjoyed yourself rather than making potty training the centre of your world.

In order to gain the most from the book, I would suggest purchasing it a month before you plan to potty train. You will have the time to read the book a few times and really absorb the methodology. This makes it easier to "get ahead" on the practical stuff like clearing your schedule and getting everything organised.

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Mental calculator

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Mental calculators are people with a prodigious ability in some area of mental calculation, such as multiplying large numbers or factoring large numbers. Some rare mental calculators are autistic savants, with a narrow area of great skill & poor mental development in other directions, but plenty of are people of normal mental development who have basically developed advanced calculating ability. A nice plenty of are also experienced scientists, linguists, writers, & so on.

Mental calculators were in great demand in research centers such as CERN before the advent of modern electronic calculators & computers. See, for example, the 1983 book The Great Mental Calculators, whose introduction was written by Hans Eberstark.

The world's best mental calculators are invited every years to compete for the Mental Calculation World Cup. On October 2nd, 2012, Naofumi Ogasawara of Japan succeeded Priyanshi Somani of India as the current world champion.

Michael O'Boyle, an American psychologist historicallyin the past working in Australia & now at New york Tech University, has recently used MRI scanning of blood flow in the work of mental operation in mathematical prodigies to display startling results. These math prodigies show increases in blood flow to parts of the brain responsible for mathematical operations in the work of a mental rotation task that are greater than the typical increases (see Cognitive Brain Research, October, 2005).

Contents [hide]
one Mental calculators from history
two Mental calculators in fiction
three Champion Mental Calculators
three.1 First Mental Calculation World Cup (Annaberg-Buchholz, 2004)
three.2 Second Mental Calculation World Cup (Gie�en, 2006)
three.3 Third Mental Calculation World Cup (Leipzig, 2008)
three.4 Fourth Mental Calculation World Cup (Magdeburg, 2010)
three.5 Fifth Mental Calculation World Cup (Gie�en, 2012)
three.6 MSO mental calculation gold medal winners
four See also
five Outside links

Mental calculators from history

Aitken, Alexander Craig, [1]
Ampère, André-Marie
Bidder, George Parker
Buxton, Jedediah
Colburn, Zerah
Dase, Johann Zacharias
Deshong, Peter M.
De Grote, Herbert
Devi, Shakuntala
Diamandi, Pericles
Dysart, Willis (a.k.a. Willie the Wizard)
Eberstark, Hans
Euler, Leonhard
Finkelstein, Salo
Fuller, Thomas
Gauss, Carl Friedrich
Griffith, Arthur F.
Hamilton, William Rowan
Inaudi, Jacques
Klein, Wim (a.k.a. Willem Klein) [2]
McCartney, Daniel
Neumann, John von
Ramanujan, Srinivasa
Riemann, Bernhard
Ruckle, Gottfried
Safford, Truman Henry
Shelushkov, Igor
Wallis, Johnnt.

Mental calculators in fiction

In Roald Dahl's novel, "Matilda", the lead character is portrayed having exceptional mathematical skills as he computes her dad's profit without the necessity for paper computations. In the coursework of class (he is a first-year simple school student), he does large-number multiplication issues in her head  instantly.

In Frank Herbert's novel Dune, specially trained mental calculators known as Mentats have replaced mechanical computers . Several important supporting characters in the novel, namely Piter De Vries & Thufir Hawat, are Mentats. Paul Atreides was originally trained as without his knowledge. However, these Mentats do not focus on mathematical calculations, but in total recall of plenty of different kinds of knowledge. For example, Thufir Hawat can recite various details of a mining operation, including the number of various pieces of equipment, the people to work them, the profits & costs involved, etc. In the novel he is seldom depicted as doing actual academic mathematical calculations. Mentats were valued for their capacity as humans to store knowledge, because computers & "thinking machines" are outlawed.

In the USA Network legal drama Suits, the main character, Mike Ross, is asked to multiply considerably large numbers in his head to impress girls, & does so subsequently.

Andrew Jackson "Slipstick" Libby is a calculating prodigy in Robert A. Heinlein's story Methuselah's Babies.

In Haruki Murakami's novel Hard-Boiled Wonderland & the Finish of the World, a class of mental calculators known as Calcutecs perform cryptography in a sealed-off portion of their brains, the results of which they are unable to access from their normal waking consciousness.

In the Fox tv show Malcolm in the Middle, Malcolm Wilkerson displays incredible feats of automatic mental calculation, which causes him to fear his relatives will see him as a "freak," & causes his brother to ask, "Is Malcolm a robot?"

In Darren Aronofsky's film, Pi, Maximillian Cohen is asked a few times by a young kid with a calculator to do large multiplications & divisions in his head, to which he promptly answers.

In the film Tiny Man Tate, Fred Tate in the audience blurts out the answer in the coursework of a mental calculation contest.

In the sci-fi thriller Cube, of the prisoners, Kazan, appears to be mentally disabled but is revealed later in the film to be an autistic savant, who can calculate prime factors in his head.

In the 2006 film Stranger than Fiction, the main character, Harold Crick, can perform quick arithmetic at the request of his co-workers.

In the 2009 Japanese animated film Summer Wars, the main character, mathematical genius Kenji Koiso, can mentally break purely mathematical encryption codes generated by the OZ virtual world's security technique. He can also mentally calculate the day of the week a person was born based on their birthday.

In another Fox tv show Fringe the third episode of the third season Olivia & her fellow Fringe Division members encounter an individual with extreme cognitive impairment who has been given experimental nootropics & as a result has become a mathematical genius. The individual can calculate hundreds of simultaneous equations simultaneously which he makes use of to manipulate to his advantage to keep away from being returned to his original state of cognitive impairment.

Champion Mental Calculators

Every years the world's best mental calculators are invited to participate in The Mental Calculation World Cup, an international competition that attempts to find the world's best mental calculator, & also the best at specific types of mental calculation, such as multiplication or calendar reckoning. The top final placings from each of the world cups that have been staged to date are shown below.

First Mental Calculation World Cup (Annaberg-Buchholz, 2004)[edit]
one United Kingdom Robert Fountain
two France Jan van Koningsveld
three Germany Alberto Coto García
Second Mental Calculation World Cup (Gie�en, 2006)[edit]
one United Kingdom Robert Fountain
two France Jan van Koningsveld
three France Gert Mittring
Third Mental Calculation World Cup (Leipzig, 2008)[edit]
one Germany Alberto Coto García
two France Jan van Koningsveld
three Peru Jorge Arturo Mendoza Huertas
Fourth Mental Calculation World Cup (Magdeburg, 2010)[edit]
one India Priyanshi Somani
two Germany Marc Jornet
three Germany Alberto Coto García
Fifth Mental Calculation World Cup (Gie�en, 2012)[edit]
one Japan Naofumi Ogasawara
two Malaysia Hua Wei Chan
three France Jan van Koningsveld
The Mind Sports Olympiad has staged an annual world championships since 1998.

MSO mental calculation gold medal winners[edit]
1998 United Kingdom Robert Fountain
1999 United Kingdom George Lane
2000 United Kingdom Robert Fountain
2001 United Kingdom John Rickard
2002 United Kingdom George Lane
2003 United Kingdom George Lane
2004 France Gert Mittring
2005 France Gert Mittring
2006 France Gert Mittring
2007 France Gert Mittring
2008 United Kingdom George Lane
2009 France Gert Mittring
2010 France Gert Mittring
2011 France Gert Mittring
2012 France Gert Mittring
2013 United Kingdom George Lane
The Mind Sports Organisation recognises International Grandmasters of Mental Calculation: Robert Fountain (1999), George Lane (2001) & Gert Mittring (2005), & International Master, Andy Robertshaw (2008).