Monday, 11 August 2014

Champion Mental Calculators

Every years the world's best mental calculators are invited to participate in The Mental Calculation World Cup, an international competition that attempts to find the world's best mental calculator, & also the best at specific types of mental calculation, such as multiplication or calendar reckoning. The top final placings from each of the world cups that have been staged to date are shown below.

First Mental Calculation World Cup (Annaberg-Buchholz, 2004)[edit]
one United Kingdom Robert Fountain
two France Jan van Koningsveld
three Germany Alberto Coto García
Second Mental Calculation World Cup (Gie�en, 2006)[edit]
one United Kingdom Robert Fountain
two France Jan van Koningsveld
three France Gert Mittring
Third Mental Calculation World Cup (Leipzig, 2008)[edit]
one Germany Alberto Coto García
two France Jan van Koningsveld
three Peru Jorge Arturo Mendoza Huertas
Fourth Mental Calculation World Cup (Magdeburg, 2010)[edit]
one India Priyanshi Somani
two Germany Marc Jornet
three Germany Alberto Coto García
Fifth Mental Calculation World Cup (Gie�en, 2012)[edit]
one Japan Naofumi Ogasawara
two Malaysia Hua Wei Chan
three France Jan van Koningsveld
The Mind Sports Olympiad has staged an annual world championships since 1998.

MSO mental calculation gold medal winners[edit]
1998 United Kingdom Robert Fountain
1999 United Kingdom George Lane
2000 United Kingdom Robert Fountain
2001 United Kingdom John Rickard
2002 United Kingdom George Lane
2003 United Kingdom George Lane
2004 France Gert Mittring
2005 France Gert Mittring
2006 France Gert Mittring
2007 France Gert Mittring
2008 United Kingdom George Lane
2009 France Gert Mittring
2010 France Gert Mittring
2011 France Gert Mittring
2012 France Gert Mittring
2013 United Kingdom George Lane
The Mind Sports Organisation recognises International Grandmasters of Mental Calculation: Robert Fountain (1999), George Lane (2001) & Gert Mittring (2005), & International Master, Andy Robertshaw (2008).

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