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Mental calculator

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Mental calculators are people with a prodigious ability in some area of mental calculation, such as multiplying large numbers or factoring large numbers. Some rare mental calculators are autistic savants, with a narrow area of great skill & poor mental development in other directions, but plenty of are people of normal mental development who have basically developed advanced calculating ability. A nice plenty of are also experienced scientists, linguists, writers, & so on.

Mental calculators were in great demand in research centers such as CERN before the advent of modern electronic calculators & computers. See, for example, the 1983 book The Great Mental Calculators, whose introduction was written by Hans Eberstark.

The world's best mental calculators are invited every years to compete for the Mental Calculation World Cup. On October 2nd, 2012, Naofumi Ogasawara of Japan succeeded Priyanshi Somani of India as the current world champion.

Michael O'Boyle, an American psychologist historicallyin the past working in Australia & now at New york Tech University, has recently used MRI scanning of blood flow in the work of mental operation in mathematical prodigies to display startling results. These math prodigies show increases in blood flow to parts of the brain responsible for mathematical operations in the work of a mental rotation task that are greater than the typical increases (see Cognitive Brain Research, October, 2005).

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